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Pehechaan is to help you create a strong impression online so that clients line up outside your door.

It wouldn't be far from the truth to say that we live in two parallel universes—the real world and the online world. As the internet shrinks this shrinking global world even more, the World Wide Web becomes of paramount prominence in our lives.

Someone scouting for information about YOU is available at the click of a button? Dealers, employers, prospective love interest, customers and clients are looking for an outlet to talk about your business and services? All they need to do is Google your name. Pictures from your store launch party? It is child’s play to gain access to them. The growing power and reach of the internet has made us information junkies, with a plethora of facts to our disposal 24*7. And as your professional life becomes increasingly public it is no more an option but to be on top of the image you project online. The virtual reputation of your business is of supreme importance...ignoring which can lead to grave damages.

To help make this task easier, Pehechaan,
an online reputation management
company, one of the first of its kind in
India, comes to the rescue. Think of it as
PR for your online identity. Celebrities,
tycoons and companies don't hesitate
from indulging in PR, so why should
your business be any different?

Pehechaan has spent past 3 years building technology and content capabilities that build the best content for you and also optimize it for you. Now you can choose what you want people to see when they type your name in Google.